Ink, watercolor, gouache, collage

NCS Reuben Weekend 2011

Here is my super-condensed cartoon report on the 2011 Reuben Awards weekend.

Ink, watercolor, gouache, collage
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Some of the many things I couldn’t fit into the comic:

  • The webcomics panel on Friday was entertaining, with a lot of contrast between the folks on stage. Kate Beaton’s slideshow moved at machine-gun pace—you’d barely recover from one punchline before another drilled you in the gut. (She also had a great, underplayed delivery when reading all the dialogue.) Randall Munroe was in a more leisurely and analytical mode, showcasing entire XKCD strips in a slide. Dave Kellett was a little in both camps, doing fast and spirited readings of his strips, then slowing down to emphasize a point.
  • Webcartoonists love Emily Dickenson.
  • I really hope that Roth video makes an appearance somewhere on the web; there’s at least one frame I’d like as a desktop background.
  • A color guard performed at the awards ceremony, and another crew shot confetti over the crowd. Abe Lincoln was also there, in the balcony; at one point he overpowered some kind of prowler that crept up on him.

Related: see Kate Beaton’s Reubens comics and Mike Lynch’s Reubens jam comics. Update: and here’s that video with Tom Gammill and the Roths, on Mike Lynch’s blog.

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